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Advanced LED Lighting Products

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Xi-Fi Wireless Lighting Control System

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Zeus Series Athena Wall Mounted Stairwell Fixture Xeleum LED Troffers EOS Series Helios Series Poseidon Series MagFit Series Street/LED High Bay

Advanced LED Lighting Products for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Applications


Offering a full line of LED lighting products designed to reduce energy costs while providing aesthetically pleasing illumination and virtually eliminating lighting maintenance.


Xeleum Lighting Applications

Xeleum LED lighting products provide long life together with highly efficient and cost effective lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and residential applications.


Xeleum Lighting Compliance

The safety, quality and reliability of our products are number one priorities at Xeleum. These standards help to guide our continual improvement efforts which translate into defect free products, a safe work environment and a healthier planet.