Advanced LED Lighting and Controls

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Built into every luminaire that proudly displays this symbol

Xeleum Intelligent Luminaires
  • Luminaire Level Lighting Control (LLLC) - Intelligence and control functionality fully contained within fixture
  • Provided with fixture at no additional costs, for faster payback and superior ROI
  • Does not require gateway or coordinator
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple to commission and operate
  • Easy set-back adjustment capability
  • Optional dashboard for energy usage data (KWh & dollars)

Xeleum’s Intelligent LED lighting fixtures with DLC qualified Xi-Fi® lighting controls can cut energy usage by up to 90% while providing superior illumination and years of maintenance free operation.

With a simple to operate user interface, this flood/mesh networked based system is specifically designed to speed up installation time, making it easy to create groups of fixtures that respond to sensor activity, manage daylight harvesting, adjust light levels and provide valuable data, all without having to make physical adjustments at the fixtures, and requiring minimal training.

Parking Structure & Canopy

Poseidon G2

High Bay

Eos HE

Luminaire Level Lighting Control (LLLC) - All photometric, sensing, electronic and computing elements are contained within the fixtures.

Real-Time Data Available at Dashboard

Xi-Fi® enabled luminaires come with accessibility to cloud based data related to real time and historical energy usage as well as to occupancy sensor activity and tracking. Through use of this type of data, energy usage can be minimized, occupant comfort enhanced, corporate workspace more efficiently utilized and measurement and verification (M&V) reporting generated.

Cloud Based Data
Cloud Based Data
  • Energy usage - by KWh
  • Energy usage - by dollars
  • Energy usage - by zone
  • Energy usage - total
  • Energy usage - from any other time period
  • Energy usage - comparison to other time periods
  • Occupancy sensor activity and tracking