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Big Savings at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Garage with Xeleum's Phaeton Fixture


Closely affiliated with Pitt’s schools of the health sciences, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is the fifth-largest medical establishment in the world. Many Pitt students participate in internships and research at UPMC facilities, and hundreds of the University’s faculty members serve as UPMC clinicians.

UPMC has decided to retrofit all of its parking garages to LED fixtures changing from inefficient 175 Watt HPS fixtures to intelligent LED fixtures. After a competitive bid/technology process Xeleum has been selected for this multi phased retrofit.

Xeleum’s Xi-Fi technology is a fully integrated wireless control system applied at the luminaire level that that provides plug and play lighting energy savings. The Xi-Fi Control Application provides a sleek, intuitive user experience when it comes to commissioning and modifying fixture groups. On-board technology provides dimming in response to both occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.

Xi-Fi is listed on the Qualified Products List for Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) with the DesignLights Consortium. The NLC program allows for widespread transparency and comparison of robust, qualified control systems as lighting controls continue to gain traction in the market. This rare distinction affords additional energy rebates with most energy companies across the U.S.

Xi-Fi is a built-in feature on the Xeleum Phaeton garage fixture. No additional wiring or hardware is required during installation. The occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors are shielded by the robust polycarbonate lens.

The system allows for grouping/zoning capabilities through the Xi-Fi Control Application, where occupied (high-end trim) and unoccupied light levels, motion timeout settings, and daylight harvesting can be uniquely set for each group. Full light output was desired with motion is detected but the customer may change the occupied light settings at any time through the Xi-Fi Control App.

Project Savings

A total of 239 fixtures were supplied for this project. The actual wattage draw of the previous HPS fixtures is 205 watts. The energy savings will be drastic with the switch to LED alone, saving approximately 80% on energy costs. With advanced occupancy sensing and daylighting controls, a calculated average of 16 watts is consumed an additional 12% of the baseline energy use is projected to be saved, depending on traffic, for a total of 92% savings.

The installation and will pay for itself in approximately 2 years after factoring in utility rebates from the local energy company. Additional rebates for controls would have provided an even shorter payback period, but the project began before NLC rebates were available. The majority of the controls savings are expected to come from the motion detection, with continuous dimming down to 10% of full light level occurring 1 minute after motion is seen. The Bi-Level controls through Xi-Fi save an estimated additional 47% in energy savings on average. Trust energy monitoring is available as well with the Xi-Fi Gateway product.

Installation and Operation

The Phaeton fixture comes with standard Line, Neutral, and Ground wires and a mounting bracket designed for simple surface mount installation. Xi-Fi is built-in on the fixture, so no additional installation time is required. The hinged surface mount bracket provided allows for a simple one-man installation.

The UPMC garage operates 24/7 which means the fixtures will never be turned off. The customer requested the same settings on all fixtures so these units were pre-commissioned (i.e. no on-site commissioning was required).

Lighting System Performance

All light levels were predetermined with a light study performed through lighting analyst software to meet all regulatory or recommended foot candle readings for emergency egress and vehicle traffic. For emergency egress, a minimum of 1 foot candle was met in all areas.

At 138 lumens per watt, the Phaeton is one of the only DLC premium rated garage fixtures on the market today.


Xeleum President Jon Cooper stated, “We were pleased to offer our premium garage fixture to the UPMC. Our engineering and product development team worked hard to develop a one of a kind garage fixture with integrated controls capability. Xeleum is continuously updating the Xi-Fi Control Application to add more feature sets and the UPMC will have access to these features in the future at no extra charge.”

The facilities manager stated that the light output looks much cleaner with the new LED fixtures and that he is excited about having fixtures that don’t require constantly replacing bulbs. The smaller energy bill is icing on that cake as well and made this project a no-brainer for our company.