Advanced LED Lighting and Controls

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Intelligent LED Lighting, Controls and IoT Sensors


Xeleum is focused on the integration of sensor, control and LED lighting technology for use in commercial and industrial structures to reduce energy usage while increasing occupant comfort, productivity and security.

Xeleum’s proven capabilities in wireless transmission, control technology, sensor technology and LED lighting are seamlessly integrated into a reliable and simple to operate platform that delivers results which are far superior to those of much more complicated and costly systems.

Xeleum Xi-Fi:  Xi-Fi is a protocol, based upon the ISM UHF frequency band, for sensors and LED lighting applications. These transmissions are ideally suited for command, control and data retrieval applications in commercial and industrial structures, especially over longer ranges and in the presence of obstacles such as masonry walls.

Xi-Fi capabilities are built directly into each Xeleum fixture and communicate with other fixtures in the vicinity via “mesh/flood” technology to create a resilient, industrial strength communication network with greater reliability properties than systems dependent upon two-way direct communication between individual nodes and Wi-Fi gateways.

IoT, Sensors & Control: A great deal of valuable real-time data can be collected from various sensors strategically positioned throughout a structure.  These Sensors can be stand-alone or, for mounting and power purposes, imbedded into other devices such as light fixtures. Examples of sensor types include those for ambient light level, temperature, humidity, motion, air quality and acoustic event detection.

The insight gained from this data can be used for a range of benefits, from safety and security (gunshot detection, object tracking), operational (daylight harvesting, energy reduction, facilities and cleaning dispatch) to business intelligence (corporate workspace usage analytics, shopper dwell time, retail foot traffic flow).  Xi-Fi offers an ideal opportunity to extract insight from a building or space, where data is retrieved from Xeleum sensors and wirelessly delivered to a terminal such as a gateway where it can then be sent to the cloud for access as required.

Intelligent LED Lighting:  LED lighting can cut lighting energy usage roughly in half and Intelligent LED lighting - the integration of a good control technology with basic LED lighting - can cut it in half again. Lighting representing as much as 40% of a building’s energy usage and the ability to monitor and control the lighting of individual fixtures provides the maximum capability to reduce lighting energy usage. 

And now with Xi-Fi, Intelligent LED is taken to the next level with the development of a robust wireless communications platform capable of delivering safety, operational, and business intelligence, from which a safer, more comfortable and productive, less costly environment can be created.