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Xeleum Illuminates Paddle Tennis Courts at Country Clubs


 Country Clubs Install Xeleum’s LED Lighting for Paddle Tennis Courts 

BACKGROUND: Country clubs nationwide are seeing the paddle tennis phenomenon catch on at their home courts with large numbers of members taking advantage of their clubs’ paddle tennis courts for year round nighttime play. After considerable research on how to upgrade illumination at the courts, Xeleum Lighting’s Zephyr Series LED shoebox fixtures are being selected as the optimum technical and economic solution for providing best-in-class lighting. 

CHALLENGE: With high quality and uniform court illumination being absolutely essential, the light fixtures selected to replace the existing metal halide units must meet very specific requirements. Typically, the new lunimaires have to provide a 30 foot candle light level at the playing surface, produce a minimum of glare and spillover, be easy to install and require no maintenance during outdoor winter and summer temperature extremes. 

 LIGHTING SOLUTION: George Palmiero, VP of Sales of Xeleum stated, “For most courts, we recommend our 180 watt Zephyr Series LED shoebox fixtures because we feel they easily met all the requirements that clubs usually specify. Our engineering team also conducts a light study which includes a graphical presentation of the resulting light patern at the playing surface and the results generally confirm the conclusions of our initial analysis. In addition, the Zephyr is a good economic choice because it reduces energy usage by over 50%.” He added, “The shoebox fixture has a compact design, a lightweight, rugged aluminum housing, is easy to install and is backed by a 5-year warranty. Because of the long-life of our quality LEDs, there is virtually no required maintainence.”


Xeleum’s Zephyr Series of LED Shoe Box Luminaires encompass the latest technological advances in the design of LED chips and the light fixtures that house them. The built-in thermal management system ensures the LEDs will always run at the cool temperatures necessary to achieve their full long life potential. The Zephyr series of luminaires are constructed with the latest generation of long life and high efficacy LM-80 certified LED chips which, together with superior photometric engineering, ensure a durable and rugged fixture that will operate for many years at far less power input than conventional Metal Halide fixtures, without maintenance or the need to ever replace light elements. Each Zephyr fixture is IP65 rated for use outside in harsh weather conditions. 

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