Advanced LED Lighting and Controls

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Xi-Fi Wireless Lighting Control System

Powerful Inexpensive Simple to Install & Operate
The Xi-Fi Wireless Lighting Control System utilizes Xeleum's wireless mesh technology and built-in capabilities for grouping, occupancy sensing and dimming to deliver the control and energy saving ability of the most advanced lighting control systems, but without the complexity. In addition to being inexpensive, it is simple to operate and can reduce energy usage by up to 85%.

The Xeleum Artemis and Athena linear LED light fixtures have built-in compatibility with the Xi-Fi Control System. The Eos, Perseus and Atlas High Bay LED luminaires are available as both stand-alone fixtures and with the Xi-Fi module attached for seamless compatibility with the Control System.

The System adds intelligence to the network by enabling installers and users to create groups of fixtures, adjust sensor activated light levels, control illumination and manage time-out settings, all without need for any physical adjustments at the fixture itself.  Commissioning a lighting installation is simple and fast because all settings are made using the supplied Control App which features a straightforward and very intuitive user interface with clearly labeled buttons and icons.

With the click of a mouse you can add new fixtures to your site plan and remove old ones. Site plans are automatically saved within the App for future use.