Advanced LED Lighting and Controls

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Compliance & Regulatory

The safety, quality and reliability of our products are number one priorities at Xeleum and we have years of experience in certification testing and regulatory compliance in support of this commitment. Our manufacturing standards are in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 13485 medical Q.A. Some of the UL standards applicable to our product range include: ANSI/UL 1310, ANSI/UL 8750, UL 924,UL 244, UL 1598, UL 1993, UL 2108.

Because of the importance of lighting, OSHA, ASTM/UL and Energy Star have cooperated to ensure that the safety and utility of light fixtures installed in buildings are properly regulated and controlled. At Xeleum and our affiliates, we utilize a proven cascade process that filters all such regulatory requirements down the supply chain to our other partners and vendors to ensure that all such regulations are maintained and verified.

Most lighting equipment is intended for installations in an environment that is regulated by the National Electrical Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70, for connection to isolated power sources. The actual Class 2 power supplies used with LED lighting are also required to comply with additional standards to ensure safe operation.

We ensure compliance with FCC, IC (Industrie Canada) CE low voltage directive as well as R&TTE (Practical advice on how to demonstrate compliance to the Radio and Telecommunications terminal equipment directive). We are also committed to achieve Energy Star rating to help our customers maximize their return on investment and further reduce the impact on the environment.

At Xeleum and our affiliates we are committed to sound environmentally friendly practices. We have a proven system of testing and monitoring our own and our supplier's adherence to an extended process of restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS). We use recyclable materials as much as possible and encourage follow-up according to Waster Electrical and Electronics Equipment Directive (WEEE). We also adhere to sound Environmental, Health and Safety (ENS) practices for our employees that are continually monitored and verified.