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Xeleum Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting

XI-FI Wireless Technology

XI-FI Wireless Lighting Control System

Xeleum’s LED lighting fixtures without intelligence cut energy usage roughly in half and our LED Lighting fixtures with Intelligence can cut it in half again.

Xeleum fixtures are made intelligent via embedded electronics that enable wireless communication among fixtures and with control centers, together with sensors for occupancy and daylight harvesting. Xeleum's wireless UHF frequency is far more robust for these applications than the microwave-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems because of longer range and the greater ability of these longer wavelength signals to penetrate and pass through building walls.

Xi-Fi Wireless Lighting Controls is the system that adds intelligence to our fixtures. Xeleum intelligent fixtures are compatible with all BMS and smart building system that have standard interfaces.

Xeleum's Xi-Fi control system differentiates itself because it's embedded into luminaires as an integral component. Control systems designed to work with multiple brands of fixtures and purchased as separate components are inherently far more complex and costly. This is because an embedded system does not require the extra component packaging, the additional power supply functionality, the additional circuity to assure compatibility, and the margin build-up resulting from reselling purchased components. 

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are often selected for commercial and industrial applications simply because their components are readily available from suppliers that originally developed and intended them for shorter range use in more benign residential applications. 

Xeleum's technology platform - intelligent luminaires, sensors, Xi-Fi wireless protocol - is used in smart building systems that employ sensors to collect a structurer's operational and business intelligence for the purpose of reducing energy usage and creating a more comfortable, safer and more productive environment.

A key element of Smart Buildings involves the ability to collect real time data on a granular basis from a network of sensors strategically located throughout a structure. This data, from sensors such as those for light level, daylight harvesting, temperature, humidity, air quality and occupancy , is transmitted via wireless connection to a central station for local use or via a gateway for connection to the cloud.

Xeleum LED fixtures are an important element in these smart building system because they can serve as the physical platform in which to install sensors, because they can supply the power that sensors need to operate and also because Xeleum's Xi-Fi wireless control system is the ideal transmission protocol for delivering sensor data to the central station.