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Xi-Fi Wireless Lighting Control System31-Aug-2017

Powerful • Inexpensive • Simple to Install & Operate The Xi-Fi Wireless Lighting Control System u..

Xeleum Announces Intelligent LED Parking Garage Fixture02-Aug-2017

Integrates wireless lighting controls with occupancy sensing & daylight harvesting in a 14-inch square luminaire that sets a new standard in uniform illumination & lo..

Paint the Light with Perfection - Zeus Wide Area Power Light20-Oct-2015

ZEUS HIGH MAST POWER LIGHT SUPERIOR LIGHT UNIFORMITY • NO HOTSPOTS OR SHADOWS The ZEUS POWER LIGHT is an IP65 high mast or surface mount wide area luminaire uniquely ..

Xeleum Illuminates Paddle Tennis Courts at Country Clubs20-Oct-2015

Country Clubs Install Xeleum’s LED Lighting for Paddle Tennis Courts BACKGROUND: Country clubs nationwide are seeing the paddle tennis phenomenon catch on at their ho..

Bob Diamond Addresses the New York Real Estate Journal26-May-2015

Control technology for LED lighting cuts energy usage by half again LED lighting for commercial, industrial and consumer use has rapidly become mainstream, driven by a variety of fa..

Bob Diamond's Interview in New York Real Estate Journal17-Apr-2015

XELEUM: A powerhouse in the LED lighting industry For over 30 years Xeleum, together with its affiliates, has been designing and manufacturing lighting and other electronic..

Xeleum LED Lighting Installed in Rush Foundation Hospital04-Dec-2013

Xeleum LED Lighting Installed in Rush Foundation Hospital MERIDIAN, Miss.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Rush Foundation Hospital announced today that it has successfully i..

CEO Bob Diamond Honored as "Innovator of the Year"!22-Oct-2013

Oct. 9, 2013 Robert L. Diamond ’56 Honored With 2013 WPI Innovator of the Year Award The third recipient of the annual WPI award, Diamond is an electrical engineer, innovator and ent..

Accessories for Xeleum Troffers27-Sep-2013

The Model XCO-100 Ceiling Mounted Motion & Daylight Harvesting Sensor is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with Xeleum Titanium and Cobalt Series troffers. Ea..

Strong Demand Continues for LED Tubes27-Sep-2013

Xeleum's wide selection of long life and energy saving LED tubes continue to be the solution of choice for users who desire to convert to LED lighting without replacing or significantly modifying the ..