Advanced LED Lighting and Controls

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Xeleum - Stairwell/Low Occupancy

Stairwell/Low Occupancy

The potential for energy savings is nowhere greater than in areas where the space is often unoccupied for long periods of time yet is illuminated by traditional fluorescent lighting that is fully ON for the whole or greater part of each day. Stairwells with traditional lighting epitomize this type of space and provide easily obtainable energy saving opportunities for most multi-story buildings.

Xeleum’s Athena and Artemis fixtures are specifically designed for use in stairwells and low occupancy areas, and makes possible the reduction of energy usage by up to 85% by automatically providing fully ON light levels only when the space is occupied.

These Xi-Fi™ enabled fixtures, together with an integrated occupancy sensor, automatically track stairwell occupants up or down the stairwell, thus maximizing energy savings while enveloping the occupant in a comfortable cone of illumination. This is generally done by sequencing the lights to the fully ON setting at the floor at which the occupant entered the stairwell, as well as one floor above and one floor below (including all landings in between). As the occupant moves through the stairwell, the fixtures sequence on and off to maintain this cone of illumination around the occupant.